How to Measure & Optimize Page Speed for Google Web Search Ranking


Why Page Speed Matters Google’s algorithm is a mystery, but out of the 200+ signals used, we know with certainty that page speed is a factor in web search ranking. And although it doesn’t carry nearly as much weight as relevant content, optimizing a site for speed can mean the difference between a page 3 rank and page 1 […]

Using Google Analytics Within Your Design Workflow

google analytics

Any seasoned web designer knows that building a pretty website is not enough to ensure its success. Sites need to be continually tested on users after their completion, as well as during their construction to optimize their likelihood of effectiveness. Google Analytics offers a package of every kind of statistical testing you might need for […]

Free Must-Have Resources for Designers

tryit editor

The May Blogging Challenge is in full swing! You can still join over 130 blogs and get your blog or business back on track! Workflow need some oomph? Ready to make life a little easier? Once you try these tools, you won’t be able to shake ‘em! Browser-Specific Web Developer Extensions Depending on your browser, […]

How to “Barter” Your Services


Today is the first day of our Blogging Challenge! Join us and win some awesome prizes while improving your blog!   As bloggers and designers, we will inevitably run into clients who want to provide something other than money in exchange for our services. From blog posts reviewing our services, to products sent to our […]

Sponsorship Sale with Easy Passionfruit Ads!

Just a few months ago we signed up with Passionfruit Ads, and had to share this cool system with other bloggers who are interested in monetizing their own sites simply and easily. It has saved an incredible amount of time and energy managing ad spots and keeping track of sponsors. For example, on our site […]