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Business Name: Kaazunut

Business Genre: Blog & Web Designers

Short Business Description: 8 years of creating beautiful handcrafted websites, blogs and eCommerce sites.

Business Tags: blog design, cart site, custom blog design, ecommerce site, shopping cart design, shopping site, web design, web designer, web developer, Website Design, WordPress, wordpress theme


Business Name: Nina Randone Graphic Design

Business Genre: Blog & Web Designers

Short Business Description: Graphic + web designer working with entrepreneurs and small businesses to develop their visual identity through logo design, branding, websites, blogs and social media.

Business Tags: blog design, branding, graphics, Logo, print design, Social Media, visual identity, web design


Business Name: Miss Pickle’s Design Studio

Business Genre: Blog & Web Designers

Short Business Description: Custom Illustration Services, Premade Graphics, Business Branding & Blog and Web Design

Business Tags: blog characters, blog design, blogger design, classes, clipart, custom, free, graphics, header, illustration, miss pickle, teacher, vector, wordpress design, workshops


Business Name: Blogger Boutique

Business Genre: Blog & Web Designers, Code Developers

Short Business Description: Customizing WordPress websites one client at a time.

Business Tags: Blogger, branding, classes, Developer, Genesis, illustration, Logo, print, Social Media, teacher, WordPress, workshops


Business Name: Trendy by Design

Business Genre: Blog & Web Designers

Short Business Description: Simply elegant web, blog, graphic & print design for women.

Business Tags: blog design, Blogger, e-commerce boutique, Genesis, Graphic Design, logo design, print design, shopping cart template, web design, WordPress


Business Name: Creative Girl Media

Business Genre: Blog & Web Designers

Short Business Description: I specialize in fabulous web design, comprehensive online training, pixel-perfect code development, and lovely graphic and print design. What can I do for you today?

Business Tags: blog design, branding, Genesis, group buying site development, logo design, mobile web design, print design, responsive development, Social Media, web design, WordPress

Free Social Icon Silhouettes

August 23, 2011 By BDN Administrator

If you like to make your own social networking icons,  use these silhouettes with transparent backgrounds as an easy way to extract the logos of your favorite social sites!  Just click the image for a larger size, and right click to save to your computer.

twitter-150x150-4294007 stumbleupon-150x150-5651941 rss-150x150-4984327 pinterest-150x150-7701072
linkedin-150x150-9263542 facebook-150x150-9344007 e-mail-150x150-3937487 blogfrog-150x150-6824930

Post Edit:  To use your custom icons, you will need to save the images to your own site (for self-hosted sites), or a place like  Copy the code below, and replace the capital letters with the URL of your social site, the URL (or Direct Link) of your image, and the name of your image.  Then copy the entire code and paste into a widget on your sidebar.  Repeat for all social icons!