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Sour Apple Studio

Business Name: Sour Apple Studio

Business Genre: Blog & Web Designers

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Hi Friends! I’m Lindsey! I am a Jesus lover, proud wife, and Mom to a little princess and a ferocious dinosaur. I live in a little suburb in sunny Southern California, only miles from where I grew up. I run Sour Apple Studio from a cozy (and by this I mean very, very small) home office and often times from my favorite couch at Starbucks. Custom Web design is not only my passion- it is an absolute need in my life! I am incredibly thankful to have an outlet for all the colors, patterns and textures swirling around in my head!

Sour Apple Studio was born 5 years ago, while I was living in a tiny cement house about 30 minutes from the Panama Canal in the lush country of Panama. By the time we moved back to the States, I had successfully established my design studio, and was loving every minute of it! It has been a privilege to have worked with hundreds of clients over the past 5 years and I am thankful that I get to create beautiful, unique spaces on the web.

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Adorability Designs

Business Name: Adorability Designs

Business Genre: Blog & Web Designers

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My goal for Adorability Designs is to offer affordable options for bloggers to make their blog design their own. I’m a huge fan of designs that are both clean and simple yet eye-catching at the same time. I strive to work on every aspect of a blogger’s design and to represent what their blog is about through their design.

Adorability Designs offers a numbers of different packages as well as a la carte items, so you can choose exactly what fits your design needs and budget!

– Melanie

Business Tags: blog design, Blogger, Graphic Design, premades

Designer Showcase: Smitten Blog Designs

February 9, 2009 By BDN Administrator medallinksmall-2630466

The designer being showcased today is Smitten Blog Designs. This studio is run by Oregon neighbors Kate and Heather and opened for business in August 2008. They design free, modern and original templates to liven up your blog. They have produced several templates that are sold for $10 or less (an incredible deal!) as well as adorable free templates.

They have a nice variety of premade templates for sale, but they are all “limited editions.” Once a design has been purchased a certain number of times, Smitten Blog Designs retires it so that the templates aren’t overused. So, if you see something you like, don’t wait till later because it may not be there. And, to help their clients with the installation and other blog questions, they provide a wonderfully detailed tutorial.

Here are just a couple of their limited edition premade blog templates.

In addition to the premade templates, they have an extensive gallery of free templates. And, right now they have adorable Valentine’s templates (which also work nicely for marriage/relationship blogs).

Now, if you don’t see just what you want among their free and premade templates, Smitten Blog Designs can make you a custom design for your blog for just $30! That is an incredible value!

If you do use one of their free or premade blog templates, don’t forget to add one of their beautiful buttons to your sidebar to show your appreciation for their work.

If you are already using one of their templates, please leave a comment so I can go visit and admire your beautiful blog.