Services for Blog Designers

This page is a list of services blog and web designers might find useful. If you have a service that would be of use, please link your services page below. Some approved services include web hosting, workshops and training, installation services, transfer services, and more. If you’re unsure if your service qualifies, please contact us.

If you would like to be listed at the top of this page, please contact us regarding sponsorship information.

Business Directory

cre8d design logo-150x137-3772213

Business Name: cre8d design

Business Genre: Blog & Web Designers

Long Business Description: We’re Rachel Cunliffe and Stephen Merriman: a sister and brother team who design and develop websites and blogs using WordPress. When you work with us, there’s no middlemen or outsourcing. We’re hands-on with our clients and spend time getting to know you and your business. We like asking lots of questions.

We build beautiful, handcrafted, custom-designed websites and blogs. We carefully work with you to develop a site which meets your goals, is tailored to organize your content and is targeted at your visitors.

Business Tags: author blogs, food blogs, lifestyle blogs, logo design, print design, responsive, web design, WordPress

Tips for Showcase Submissions

Here are some general things we tend to look for in designs that we choose to feature in the showcase.  (In no particular order.)

  1. Quality of graphics used.  No pixelated, fuzzy, or warped images.
  2. Interactive user experience.  Social icons, menu items, or other links change upon hover.
  3. Typography.  Both in-graphic typography and font families within CSS are clean, neat, easy to read, have appropriate line-heights, and flow with the design.
  4. Load time.   We’ll run the site through an analyzer to see if any huge images or gunky code are making the site load slowly.
  5. Site-wide customizations.  All areas of the blog are completed and well coded, not just the home page.
  6. Color palette.  Chosen swatches should flow well together, and compliment the site’s content, rather than being a distraction.
  7. Spacing and positioning.  Each area of the site should have adequate padding, margins, and flow nicely with the rest of the layout.
  8. Browser compatibility.  We’ll check a few different browsers to make sure the design works cross-platform.
  9. Content enhancement.  We make sure the design compliments the site owner’s content, rather than detract from it.
  10. Favicon.  Little things that make the website or blog look and feel professional make a big difference.  So we look for this, and other touches of detail.

To submit your designs, or a design you think is great – simply contact us!