Free Buttons and Graphics

February 12, 2009 By Amanda Padgett

poppinladyenjoy-5559457 Last night I found a really cool site, Penniwig’s: Free Graphics Daily and I feel like to found a gold mine! She has so many cool, interesting and adorable graphics and buttons – all FREE! These are things you can add to your side bar or to a post. And, while I was there I discovered her other free graphics site, Skull Blossom.

Penniwig’s has graphics, buttons, post dividers (and more) for winter and spring. Skull Blossom has those same things but for the fall. Both sites include graphics for the holidays celebrated during those seasons.

Here are a few that I thought were too cute and hope to use in the future for my own blogs.

pinkbirthdaycake-9800122 lovestamp-2275471 jarthoughtsspring-4271818 miniblessbutton-8240514


Free Twitter Backgrounds

May 21, 2009 By Amanda Padgett

Twitter has some cute backgrounds available, but if you want something different here are places you can get free backgrounds.

Do you know another place that offers free Twitter backgrounds? Leave the address in a comment and I’ll add them to this list. Thanks!

Free Monthly Workshops – Requests Needed!

November 3, 2011 By April

First, we just wanted to drop a quick note to say that tonight is the first class of the last Blog Designer Workshop of the year. This is the workshop that teaches you how to start your own design business! Since this workshop was first offered last year, we have had nearly 200 students take the course and go on to pursue creating their own business. The BDN has also re-vamped the workshop to be the most user friendly, up-to-date, and comprehensive course on blog design. Each session we find something new to add, and even share it with past students! This session includes a free BONUS class on graphic design in Adobe Photoshop as a supplement for those using (or who wish to use) that software. (Photoshop not required for the course and a graphic design class is already included as part of the workshop.)

We would also like to add that we will be offering one FREE class each month to those who are interested. We would love to hear some feedback and requests for classes you would like to see offered. They can range from basic Blogger classes, to advanced Photoshop classes, and even specific classes – like how to make a Flash (rotating) header. They can also be for designers, or just beginning bloggers. So share with your friends (below) and ask them what they think as well! Then comment here and let us know what you’d like to see offered as a free monthly class.

Thank you for all your support! We’re so glad that the BDN can be a place of learning and networking to promote this ever changing and growing field of work.

Early Bird Class Registrations Open for 2012!

November 16, 2011 By The Blog Designer Network

Now is the perfect time to register early for one of our various classes and workshops offered in January!  For a short time only, you can use the coupon code shown above to get 50% off most classes during that month.  We also have two new instructors on board, and are hiring more before the close of the year. We aim to hire quality instructors who are knowledgeable and personable, and are blogosphere savvy too.  (Info and profiles coming soon!)

Don’t forget that we now offer FREE classes each month. December’s class is “Blogging for the Newbie” which is the perfect introductory course to the blogging world. This would be great for that friend or family member who you’ve been begging to start a blog, or for someone who just started their first blog. Click the link to learn more and register.

Here is a list of eligible workshops scheduled for January that you can save BIG on! Click on any workshop for details and a description!

Creating Genesis Child Themes – Covers how to create, customize, and package themes for use with the Genesis Framework.
The Blog Designer Workshop – Learn how to become a blog designer from start to finish!
Blog Marketing and Advertising – Teaches how to effectively promote your blog though various media streams and SEO tactics that can both increase traffic and form relationships.
Social Media Mastery – Covers the design of Facebook and Twitter profiles and strategic social media marketing strategies.
Learning CSS and HTML – Learn the basics of editing CSS and HTML for sites like Blogger and WordPress, or any platform for the web – and the differences between the two.

Here are some additional classes occurring soon!

WordPress – In Depth – An advanced class for those interested in learning how the self-hosted WordPress platform works.

We will be adding more to this list in the coming days, so stay tuned!