May 1, 2011 By The Blog Designer Network

Whether you’re a seasoned typography nerd, or just getting started in the biz – choosing fonts is one of the best aspects of design.  As you continue to tap into the fonts provided by Photoshop or Illustrator and search online for typography to download, a “sixth-sense” starts to emerge.  Suddenly every logo, every letter printed on a pizza box, number on your cell phone, ampersand on a billboard – piques your interest.  Eventually you’ll find yourself easily identifying said fonts.  Usually aloud.  To your significant other…your children…your eye-doctor when he asks you to read the “third line” from the top.

We’re going to call this the “font-dar.”  It’s like “radar” only more geeky.

Of course not all fonts faces can be easily memorized (but we can sure try), so it’s easy to see unfamiliar typography in familiar places!  But there’s an easy and awesome solution.

It’s called What the Font

wtfcapture-6302856 Simply upload the image of your font and identify the highlighted letter!

Found at a retail store on a lotion bottle.


Font:  Miss Lee Gates


Found on a menu at a restaurant.


Font:  Sensual Bold


Pretty awesome huh?  Go try it!

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