December 16, 2010 By Amanda Padgett jolisite-300x241-1407879

Have you ever come across a wonderful craft or recipe post with lots of instructions and you wanted to print it out or save it to your computer for later use? I used to use ‘print page’ or I selected the text and chose ‘print selection.’ Not long ago a reader at my photography and Photoshop Elements blog, Everyday Elements, turned me onto Joliprint for printing posts and I love it! It is a very simple yet useful tool to make PDFs of blog posts, which you can either print or save. You can add it to your tool bar, for printing at blogs that don’t have a print option. Simply click on the icon … [Read more…]

November 14, 2010 By Amanda Padgett


Are you new to WordPress.org? Or, are you thinking about moving from Blogger, but aspects of WordPress (like plug-ins) intimidates you? Well, if you are anything like me, the word “plug-in” stresses you out. Before I started a WordPress.org blog, Everyday Elements, I would hear others talking about plug-ins and they seemed so complicated and something I just wanted to steer clear of. 😉 Then, after I had my nice, shiny new blog set up (after much crying, trying to figure out FTP, themes, hosting, you name it), I realized other people had things in their sidebars or posts that I want in my … [Read more…]

October 21, 2010 By Dawn Farias

I’ve been Stumbling links to blog wear for a few months now.  It’s time I brought the master list to you!  But first, what is blog wear? Blog wear is a ready-to-go blog design kit that only needs to be personalized with pictures, text and then installed on your blog.  By you.  Most of the time blog wear kits have a scrapbook style feel to them, although this is not necessary.  You pay a small amount for a kit, download it, personalize and then install the images.  Blog wear is a great alternative for someone who wants a custom look to their blog but can’t afford the time or money … [Read more…]

July 12, 2010 By Amanda Padgett

Posted by Dawn Farias OK, I admit it: the only things I know about Seth Godin are that he is bald and doesn’t have a horizontal header on his blog.  He has a vertical one.  Both points can be easily illustrated.  Observe: Actually, I should say that’s all I knew about Seth Godin until recently.  Blogging with Amy published a post talking about how to use and optimize the What Would Seth Godin Do plug-in for WordPress.  That’s how I came to find out more about Seth Godin. But first, more about plug-ins. A plug-in for WordPress and Typepad is a lot like the header gadget for Blogger: a … [Read more…]