Making Your OWN Blog Template

February 12, 2009 By Amanda Padgett

So, you have been searching and searching for that perfect free blog template yet you can’t find it. You cannot afford a premade or custom design either, so what should you do? Just keep the same old, boring Blogger template you chose when you created your blog? Nope! I have the solution for you!

Yesterday I found this wonderful site that helps you learn to create your own blog template, including buttons and other extras. The site is SJH Blog Design and the owner has done an amazing job of breaking down the steps you need to take in order to create a complete, well designed blog template.

You will need to download a digital scrapbook kit in order to create the backgrounds and header, but don’t worry, there are many places that offer free kits. I will begin relocating those sites (I have seen them, just need to get back to them) so I can pass them on to you. In the mean time, Google “free digital scrapbook kits” and see what you can find.

SJH Blog Designs provides instructions for all the extras you may want when creating your own blog template. Here are the tutorials she made available:

  • Three column layouts
  • Scrolling middle layout
  • Adding fonts
  • Adding new Gadget sections to a template
  • Adding an email link
  • Making clickable buttons

How cool is this site? I love it! When my Usborne business slows down in the summer, I will create a test blog with the sole purpose of creating my own template and I will share the finished product with you.

If you use SJH Blog Designs to create your own template, please come back here and let me know your blog address so I can visit your site and even included it in this post for future readers.

Another site you can utilize to help you make adjustments to your current blog template or to one you create with SJH Blog Design, is Blogger University. The author of that blog has found how to tweak and fix many common template troubles.