Use Decorative Letters to Spice-Up Your Posts

February 16, 2010 By The Blog Designer Network

e-4-cap-4316558 very post deserves some “pop” doesn’t it? Often times we use photos to help break up the monotony of just text. However, I came across an Jessica Hische, an extremely talented graphic designer.

Daily Drop Cap is a project she started in September of 2009 in which she illustrates a decorative letter every day (or at least every work day). The project will continue for approximately twelve alphabets and are available for non-commercial use as drop caps on your personal blog. Please visit to see the full project.

I jumped right on over to the Daily Drop Cap and found the letter I wanted to use for this post, followed her instructions and there you go. It was so easy!! The letters are beautiful and charming and would be a lovely accent to most any blog post.

n-4-cap-8071864 ot all are swirly and feminine.

o-2-cap-8558208 thers are modern or retro.

y-2-cap-6869170 ou are certain to find one that suites you to a tee.

t-3-cap-1659465 hese are free, but for personal use only.