Featured Designer: Visual Serendipity

June 1, 2012 By The Blog Designer Network

May’s featured designer is Lynne at Visual Serendipity!

Here is what some of her former clients had to say in their nominations.

I am nominating Lynne because not only did she create a beautiful blog for me, but she has gone above and beyond with her customer service. She makes sure that everything is perfect for me and that I am happy with anything she does for me at my website. Anytime I have had any sort of question or problem, she has been there. Many times, she has literally been up into the wee hours of the morning working with me, when she did not have to be. She’s kind, she’s creative, and she has become my friend.

Lynne took a few simple words, phrases, and color preferences from me and was able to design a blog that I absolutely love! She drew an avatar based on a photo of me, too. That was really fun to see. Her work is amazing. – Nicole, Mom Always Finds Out

Lynne was a pleasure to work with, I love the header that she designed for me and how great she is at communicating with me what’s going on. Nothing better than a designer who communicates with her customers! — Christa, Little BGCG

She rocks! She had this done in a day and made it like I imagined it. She is a really good designer. — Blue Monkeys, She Calls Me Yiyah!

Here are some examples of Lynne’s work:




You can follow Lynne on Facebook and Twitter. Be sure to check out Visual Serendipity!