May 2013 Blogging Challenge!

April 29, 2013 By BDN Administrator

You may have noticed that we took a little break from blogging regularly while making some awesome upgrades to our site! With a new design, new features, and new teachers – we wanted to break into blogging again with a bang!

What better way to get back our blogging spark than to include EVERYONE, and throwing in some incentives too! So we’re having an awesome Blogging Challenge for the month of May, and want YOU to join in!


Stay tuned during this challenge for more information on these amazing instructors, and the classes they’re teaching this summer!

Posting regularly on a blog is hands down one of the best things you can do for both yourself, and your business.  Recently, ProBlogger even began publishing some incredible articles on blogging, how important it is, and tips for making time to write.  14 bloggers shared their daily blogging routine too, and checking out some of their insights can give you a GREAT start!  Sometimes the stress of coming up with post ideas on a consistent basis is difficult, and can make it easy to ignore your blog. However, this challenge is meant to help ANY blogger and business owner not only get back into their blogging groove – but do it RIGHT! blogging-challenge-5019572

Participate in this challenge by entering your blog address below! We’ll be providing tips and tricks the entire way, and those who complete the challenge will be entered to win some AMAZING prizes from several sponsors we’ll be featuring all month!  Below are just a few sponsors who have agreed to donate a prize to those who participate!

Restored 316 Designs
RFE Hosting
Miss Evil Kitty
Sour Apple Studio
Sweet Simplicity Designs
Krafty Palette
Creative Girl Media

Challenge Details:

  • Enter your blog address into the blog hop linky at the bottom of this post.
  • Publish a blog post at least three times per week during the month of May.
  • (Optional) Snag the linky code and pinnable challenge graphic, then put them in your first blog post announcing the challenge. (Let your readers know what’s up!)


  • Start brainstorming, and plan your posts ahead of time.  Do they have a theme? Why do you want people to come to your blog?
  • Check out the blogs of other participants throughout the challenge. When you find content you genuinely enjoy, let the author know in a comment, by tweeting, sharing, and interacting with fellow challengers.  The more you interact online, the more people can find your content too!

    Enter your blog name here!