All About Blog Wear

October 21, 2010 By Dawn Farias

I’ve been Stumbling links to blog wear for a few months now.  It’s time I brought the master list to you!  But first, what is blog wear?

Blog wear is a ready-to-go blog design kit that only needs to be personalized with pictures, text and then installed on your blog.  By you.  Most of the time blog wear kits have a scrapbook style feel to them, although this is not necessary.  You pay a small amount for a kit, download it, personalize and then install the images.  Blog wear is a great alternative for someone who wants a custom look to their blog but can’t afford the time or money involved in ordering a custom design.

Most blog wear kits come with instructions only for the Blogger/Blogspot platform.  Some include a Typepad banner and a select few are strictly for users.  Pay attention to these discrepancies when you are reading product descriptions.  Now, on to the list:


One thing to note when browsing this list is that shops come and go and products are taken down.  I’ve been compiling this list for at least two months and there were already three or four sites that had taken down their blog wear.

Do you know of any other sites with blog wear? Please feel free to leave the links in the comments for our readers to see.

Blog wear tip: Check out FotoFlexer for a free, online image editing program that will allow you to add photos and text to your blog wear images.