Horizontal navigation in Blogger – pages only

March 10, 2011 By Dawn Farias

It used to be that you needed a fair bit of coding to get a nice looking horizontal navigation bar for your Blogger blog. Not anymore! Let me show you how easy Blogger has made this aspect of your design.

Pages only horizontal navigation in Blogger

Your blog posts are dynamic, ever changing content that appear in reverse chronological order on the homepage of your blog. Blog pages are different in that they contain static content which doesn’t change much and are linked to from your homepage. Two examples of popular blog pages are the About and Contact pages. In Blogger you can create a horizontal navigation bar that uses your pages only. Here’s how:

Create and publish a page.
Dashboard > Edit posts > Edit pages > New page > Add your content > Publish page > Blog tabs > View blog


For tips on writing an About page, see Blogging with Amy‘s How to Write a Killer About Page. Next up: Horizontal navigation in Blogger – pages, links and labels.

Do you have an About page that you’re proud of? Have you come across an awesome one recently? Please share in the comments below – we’d love to see them!