December 16, 2011 By The Blog Designer Network font5-150x150-7935716

It’s easy to implement custom fonts onto your blog or website!  This tutorial is for both Blogger and WordPress, and will teach you how to choose a custom font for various areas of your site using the free Google Web Font repository.  For a larger selection, you can also try a Typekit membership.  You can […]

November 22, 2011 By The Blog Designer Network


Many designers use various techniques for linking images on a website, and making those images change upon hover. From image maps, to slicing each image individually – the page load time and usability of these techniques aren’t as optimal as using CSS image sprites.  Here is a quick way to create a functional and user-friendly […]

October 10, 2011 By The Blog Designer Network


In Blogger you can easily add a menu bar underneath the header area to display your pages.  However, usually the menu bar does not come formatted and looks unsightly on blogs that have been customized.  Here is a quick and easy way to format this menu! Design your page to your specifications, then go to […]

April 12, 2011 By The Blog Designer Network

NOTE:  This is for the MINIMA TEMPLATE ONLY and does not work on the new Blogger interface.  An update will follow soon.   Here is a simple, browser-friendly drop down menu bar that you can use in Blogger! FIRST, click here to see the preview of the menu bar you will be installing. You will […]