Beautiful Blog Series: Lovely in Pink | Eats

November 8, 2010 By Dawn Farias


Lovely in Pink | Eats is a foodie blog run by “Becca, part Georgia Peach, part Floridian” who shares both her adventures and her “misadventures” in the kitchen. I first came across this blog, well, today (!!) when Becca left a comment on one of the posts here at Beautiful Blog Designs.  She had implemented one of our tutorials and I clicked through to check it out.

Wow! I was greeted with a clean, very pleasing and very colorful blog design:

The things I love most about this design are:

  • it is clean, open and inviting
  • the uncluttered sidebars
  • an about me section up near the top of the page
  • a search bar near the top (crucial for a recipe blog, in my opinion)
  • a good use of several colors
  • how the word ‘eats’ is in a scratchy style and dark color against the feminine and playful main part of the blog header and title

Congratulations, Becca, on having such a beautiful blog, and thank you for being a part of Beautiful Blog Designs.

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