Beautiful Blog Series – The Comfort of Cooking

December 6, 2010 By Dawn Farias

Paula Deen’s Pumpkin Gooey Butter Cake has become an annual tradition at our Thanksgiving table.  Mostly I love that it can be baked in a larger pan than the expected pie-sized ones and so I can feed more people with less effort than baking several pumpkin pies.  This past holiday I searched briefly for a similar bar recipe to substitute for pecan pie.  I found one at the Comfort of Cooking.


Well, I found it a bit late for Thanksgiving dinner but am hoping this December’s holiday season will provide a reason for trying it out.  In the meantime, let me tell you what I like about this blog’s design:

  • soft, welcoming color palette
  • clean, open design
  • an icon in the header that lets you know yes, this IS a cooking blog
  • simple, uncluttered sidebars
  • easy to find social media icons and search bar
  • great pictures coupled with engaging dialogue
  • “click here for the recipe” that allows you to see the rest of the post, this helps keep the home page of the blog uncluttered
  • the option for a printable recipe is provided

These little customizations throughout let me know it is well cared for and loved.  And who wouldn’t want to visit a site like that?

Thank you, Georgia, for a beautiful blog!